The gadget used to hit the ball in the game of golf is called as golf club. This golf club is a long metallic instrument which helps the golfer to hit the ball with an impact. There are various brands which offer different types of Golf Clubs in the market. These branded golf clubs are well appreciated by the beginners as well as professional golfers. Custom golf clubs however is a new breed of golf clubs which has developed recently. The custom golf club fitting is the technique used in these golf clubs which helps the golfer to modify the golf club as per the needs and requirements. Custom golf club fitting is done by professional golf club fitters.

The golf clubs which are available in shops are of standard shapes and sizes. All major brands offer golf clubs in various categories so as to suit the different categories of players. These different categories are however do not fit the specifications of the customer in all cases. The customer is left with some dissatisfaction even after spending on the golf club. Without a proper club fit, no golfer will be able to play to the best of abilities.

Custom golf club fitting has gone a long way in eradicating these problems of the customers by taking care of the smallest possible specification of the customer. Golf clubs are generally very expensive and have to be kept with utmost care. For a beginner, the golf club should be adjustable and should be as per the height and the size of the grip of the player. With age, the height and the size of the grip of the player increase and hence it becomes necessary to change the golf club. In Agen Togel88 cases, golf clubs are in such a good condition that buying a new golf club really reflects a waste of money. Custom golf club fitting is the best technique in such cases where a small modification in the size and shape of the golf club would make the golf club conducive for use.

A professional golf club fitter tests the shaft length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, set make up, golf club head design and the grip size of the golf club in order to change the fitting of the golf club. Shaft length affects the clubface which hits the ball. If the shaft length is accurate, it will allow a natural Swing of the golf club which ultimately leads to an accurate shot.

Custom golf club fitting can take into account the lie angle of the golf club. Lie angle is formed by the sole of the club and the shaft. A correct lie angle will allow the center of the clubhead to touch the surface of the ground. Shaft types could be of different materials. Steel and graphite are some of the most popular compositions of shafts types.

The torque ratings and swing weights of the shafts are affected by the composition of the shaft. Clubhead design, size of the grip, shaft flex, and set make up are some of the other specifications which are considered in a custom golf club fitting.