Putting in golf is one of the most important aspects of golf playing because it has been found that 43% of scores in the game are the result of putting well. The success of your golf putting technique depends on how well you have assessed the putting green, how hard or light you have hit the ball and finally, how accurate your aim line has been.

Putting Technique in Golf

  • First, try to assess the green that is around the hole. In fact, reading a green is the greatest challenge. As you will understand that you are unlikely to face the same green more than twice, hence, judging the green becomes vital. Generally, one may need to aim either to the right or to the left of the hole in order to allow for the break. Professional golfers are always assessing a putt from all angles, from behind the hole and also back behind the ball and sometimes from the sides also. This Makanan Khas Bandung they do to ensure that there is greater accuracy in putting. They do not rush to decisions but try to look from all the angels and make judgments according to the situation of the green.
  • Now approach the ball with a calm poise. Line up the toes of your feet along the hole, close your feet together with the golf ball at the centre. Now separate your feet at a comfortable gap so that they are similar to your shoulder width.
  • Place the putter three feet away from the ball. Swing and hit gently and let your body continue with the swing.
  • The best golf putting style would be if the ball had reached two feet of the hole. If it has gone past the hole, then the speed was more but the aim line was fine. If the ball was short of the hole, then the speed was slow but again the aim line was fine. If the ball reaches left or right, then the aim line was flawed.
  • One can perfect golf putting at home by practicing putting on the carpet. Locate a target on the carpet and try to line up three golf balls at an equal distance from it . This can be perfected by imagining an aim line and keeping an aim that the ball follows the aim line hitting the target.
  • It is well worth taking time to plan one’s putt. More often than not, a player would be in a hurry and have a cursory glance at the hole and make a stroke. In long putts, the strategy should be to determine a good pace so that the speed of the putt is good. You can then afford to misjudge the line by a couple of feet and still leave enough space to tap in for the next shot.
  • Also aim the logo of the ball along the imaginary aim line for improved accuracy Bandoeng. Place the face of the putter square to the logo and swing for a final stroke.