While everyone has different golfing strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, putting is one that seems to have universal appeal, at least when things are going well. One need only look to the popularity of mini-golf courses to see how enjoyable the simple act of putting can be.

When it comes to actual golfing though, putting is likely right near the top of the list of golfer’s pet peeves. The seeming simplicity of the act of putting, and yet its inherent difficulty is no doubt what drives most golfers insane. Spraying drives and miss-hitting irons out of the bunker is at least somewhat understandable, as these tasks require complex motions and maneuvers.

Putting on the other hand is about as simple as golf can get, at least on the surface. There are no complicated motions requiring perfect harmony and synergy between more body parts than you can shake a stick at, or name. Putting is almost entirely shoulders, as they get swung back and forward in a classic pendulum motion.

Of course while golfers do have troubles even with this simple motion (most notably represented by the classic terminology ‘The Yips’, denoting in golf a player who has particular trouble with short putts because of a jerky stroke), there are other facets to putting which may also be causing or contributing to the inability to drain a putt, namely reading the greens and lining up your shot. For correcting all of these issues, or to simply have some fun putting without the pressure of filling in a scorecard, indoor putting greens make a great purchase.

Indoor Putting Green PackageThese putting greens can come in various sizes, but all are easily portable. Different models can come with a variety of different features togel online. One nice touch is the chute or alley, which transports your ball back to your putting area when you knock it in the cup (think bowling ball at a bowling alley). Some will also give you the ability to raise up parts of the green to allow yourself different reads and putts each time you play. Putting greens may also come with side walls around the hole area, to prevent balls from scooting off the green and rolling places they shouldn’t.

Indoor greens are made from material that delivers a very consistent ball roll similar to what you would experience on a real green. They’re light and easily transported, yet very durable. While we don’t recommend practicing chips off them, they’ll certainly take the beating of some poor putting attempts snagging on them and keep on ticking. Their ease of portability makes them perfect for moving between rooms in your home, or between your home and the office.

Help bring the joy of putting back to your game with one of the many great indoor putting greens on the market. They make for a great practice tool and stress reliever. If you set one up in the office, just don’t forget to get some work done during the day as well.