Know What Is Different About Putting By Professionals

Know What Is Different About Putting By Professionals

The game of golf is extremely interesting and quite challenging. Amateur golfers often despair on how to attain that edge that would make them putt like a pro. Pro golf putting is to putt like a pro! So, what makes a pro different that he/she putts so well.

Putting Like A Pro: Taking The Stance

Golf putting is slightly different because unlike the golf swing, here there are no centrifugal forces at work. A study of how the professionals and top players address the ball, take stance and how they handle the stroke are important.

There are four key set-up plans in the minds of the professional golfers. They set-up the eyes straight on the ball, focusing well on the inside edge of the ball. This way the player is better able to line up the putter to his/her target and also imagine the target line along which the ball must move.

The second imaginary straight line that a pro golfer lines up is the one which runs from the shoulder to straight down the arms and hands. Professional golfers keep their arms and hands well aligned under their shoulders. This position helps the player swing the arms naturally from the shoulder and that there are no wrist movements and an optimal putter head path is created.

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The third important line of alignment is that of the hips and the heels. They must be perfectly aligned, completely vertical on the greens and perpendicular to it. Pro golf putting involves the player to be imperfect stable and calm posture so that there is a solid contact with the ball.

The last and fourth line that a professional golfer imagines is the perfectly aligned one down from the putter shaft through the edges of the forearms. The shaft and the forearms are perfectly aligned and there is optimal control of the stroke.

Pro golfers 777 Slot try to flatten out wrists well against the club shaft so that the wrists do not rotate. We all know that if the wrists do not rotate, then the putter face will not move and therefore would address the ball perfectly.

In order to putt pro, you must first make an attempt to study the green and the breaks in the path. Pro golfers look at the greens from all sides, from behind the hole and the sides of the greens. This to ensure that if you are not able to putt well, at least your ball would reach closer to the hole taking advantage of the breaks involved in the target path. And then there is the matter of being consistent. All professionals are extremely consistent and accurate with the strokes that they make. This accuracy has helped them with good putting strokes.

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Remember that every putter has a sweet spot. It is the centre of gravity of the putter and for consistent good putts; a putt must be struck at the sweet spot. To find out the location of the sweet spot of your putter, hold the putter by the end of your grip. Then, tap the face of the putter at the end of a tee. When the putter swings straight back without twisting you, then that area on the putter is the sweet spot. Practice well to putt from the sweet face of the putter to develop consistency.

You may try to use putting aids and putting tools that would help you enhance the golfing strokes. Now-a-days, almost all golf sports equipments consist of putting alignment systems that have putting mirrors and putting rails. These tools would help you practice the putting well even indoors.

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