10 Basic Golf Tips

10 Basic Golf Tips

There is always an approach and strategy for golf which has to be followed in order to be excelsior in golf. Here are ten Basic Tips for golf which will prove to be effective in improving your golf playing;

1. Keep your eye targeted on the ball – Your eye should be perfectly targeted on the ball. You should keep your head still. It sounds simple and clichéd, but this is the mistake most of the golf players make.

2. Point perfectly to the target – You should point to the target precisely. This would help improving your game of golf. Many people do not point to the target properly.


3. You should slow down your back swing – Slowing down your back swing would help you in taking more time in adjusting the stance and getting ready to return.

4. Make good use of your imagination – To achieve big things you need to imagine them first. This is the key behind the successes of many sports men. Try and imagine your ball going where you want it to go. This small practice would help you in a great way.

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5. There is no substitute to practice – Awake, arise and wait not until the goal is achieved. You have to practice regularly to make your muscles adapted to the movements. Practicing daily would improve your game of golf and your stamina as well.

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6. Keep your grip perfect – One of the tough tasks is how to keep your grip perfect. Making your grip better requires no rocket science. You should just keep your left hand on the left hand side of the club and right on the right hand side. Isn’t it easy?

7. Fitness is the key – You should practice cardiovascular, strength boosting and stretching exercise. Stretching would make your movements in golf easy and also boost your stamina. No one can excel golf without a good fitness regime.

8. You should know your distance – You should always make use of a club which you know will take you where you want to go. Take two shots instead of 1. You should always know your distance.


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9. Be careful when choosing your Golf Equipments – You should be careful about how to choose your golf equipments. Pay attention when you choose equipments. Do not simply buy expensive equipments but search for a good quality of equipments.

10. Keep your kit clean and tidy – A little dirt on the Clubs can make a ball flight problem. Do pay attention on cleaning your kit this would certainly help you in your game. Clean kit for great golf.The following 10 golf tips given above can prove good for your game if followed efficiently

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