Constantly Improving On Your Putting Practice

Constantly Improving On Your Putting Practice

You may have given wonderful tee shots and lovely approach shots! But you ended up with a disastrous 3-putt and more out of what was an easy 2-putt shot! All it requires is golf putting practice which helps you hone up your skills. Undoubtedly, putting is the most important part of the game; after all, 43% of your scores depend on how well you putt! Thus, following a simple routine in golf putting will help you score less and thus improve your handicap.

Instructions Regarding Golf Putting Are Mentioned Here:

At the outset one must remember that in order to putt well, one must have discipline and continuous putting practice in golf. Now, as you approach the ball, keep your eyes focused directly on the ball as you putt. Avoid changing your putter frequently. Consider it as your child. You would not like to change your child every few months, would you? What is important is the feel of the putter in your hand. It would greatly improve your confidence. Have tremendous faith in yourself and continue golf putting practices to further strengthen your skills.

Select a Target

Before striking the putt, it is advisable to pick out a target. Then you have to judge where the putt breaks. A good golfer must attempt to keep the putts as straight as possible. If you think that the putt would break 4 feet to the left, then you must pick out a target 4 feet right to the hole. It means that you are imagining there is a hole four feet right to the actual hole. The moment the target is set, completely focus on the target and give a gentle stroke to the ball.

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Place the ball in the middle of the feet and hit the ball without lifting eyes from the ball.

Practice With a Second Ball

Putting practices can be done with a simple putting drill. Place a golf ball about six inches behind the ball that you wish to putt, when you are on the green. Make stroke. If you miss the second ball (either you swung above it or in its side), then it means that your back swing path is offline or too steep. To get your stroke right, practice stroking the second ball every time you attempt to putt.

Reading The Green

Hitting the putt towards the right direction is most important. Even a slight change in the direction can make you miss the putt! Hence, one must practice a lot to acquaint oneself of the heaviness and thickness of the green. Moreover, observe the green behind the ball, on the sides of the ball and from behind the hole on the direction just opposite of the ball. In this Judi Slot Online way, you will have a fair idea and can even judge how the ball is going to move. For obvious reasons, if the green is downhill, then you need to stoke the ball very gently.

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Keep the body still and the eyes focused on the ball steadily. Your back must be straight and should remain so during the putting stroke.The putting stroke tempo is also an important factor that determines how smoothly the ball lands up in the hole. A good putting stroke tempo is the constant speed with which the hands and arms of the golfer holding the putter move in the backswing and follow-through. That speed would help you in putting the hole well. To see if one has a good putting stroke tempo, practice a putting stroke without a golf ball with just a putter in the hand. Consider the time taken for going back and coming back through. The speed should optimally be the same. Practice till you get the same speed. Then you can practice well with a couple of golf balls on the green or on the carpet in you place.

Putting is the area in golf that can be polished by constant putting practices. The right putting grip also helps in improving putting tremendously.

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