Add More Distance to Your Driver by Rotating Your Hips More

Add More Distance to Your Driver by Rotating Your Hips More

A common misconception in golf is that power comes from the hands or swing speed. This could not be firth from the truth. The following Easy Golf Tip will help you improve your distance with the driver by rotating your body.

Torque is defined as a turning or twisted force. This is what we want the body to do in a proper golf swing. You can probably notice that elderly golfers can not rotate their body as much as a younger golfer. This directly results in a decrease in power and distance. All the power from your swing comes from your legs, not the arms. By creating more torque, you will create more power.

I am going to use the following picture as a guide on how to build the perfect rotation for your swing.

Notice in step one the right shoulder is pointed straight down at the target. The head is down and the club is almost parallel to the target. You want to see your belt buckle pointed away from the target during your rotation.

In step two you will notice the hips starting to rotate back towards the target. The head remains behind the ball as the hips rotate. Staying behind the ball will deliver more power upon contact.

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In step three, the belt buckle is almost square to the ball.

Step four is the most important part of the rotation process, this is called the follow through. Notice the belt buckle pointing directly at the target. This is crucial for the follow through. There are two ways to practice the follow through:

  • Line up to the ball without a club and take your stance. Grab your right hip bone with your left hand. Now take a swinging motion and grab your right hip a pull it towards your target until the belt buckle faces the target. Practicing this will help your body remember to fully rotate towards the target in the follow through.
  • Another example to practice this is to take your stance at a ball and put your hands together (palm to palm) where you would normally hold the club. Take a back swing and follow through. At the end of the follow through, pretend you are going to shake someone’s hand with your right hand (for right handed golfers). You want to reach out and extend your right arm on the follow through.

For more tips on how to improve your driving accuracy or distance.

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