The game of golf has many facets like driving, hitting the ball from its tee, putting and of course chipping. Chipping is the shot played before the putt shot and after the tee shot or fairway shot. It is that shot which often leaves the golfers scratching their head as they either overshoot or undershoot. Better golf chipping techniques are of extreme importance. If you learn the proper golf chipping technique then it is an easy thing to do.

Many golfers have problems in chipping shot, though they are good in driving the ball. The main reason for this is because this part of game is not practiced so much. In the driving range you can see that most of the golfers spend majority of time on the driving. The short game is also of equal importance and requires attention too.

Generally, there are two types of shot achieved with chipping. These are bump and run shot (having low trajectory) and flop shot (having very high trajectory). Good golf chipping techniques will help in lowering your handicap in the game and also improves your score as well.

Chipping Techniques

Following are some of the golf chipping techniques from Sbobet88 which will definitely help you in improving your golf game.

  • Smooth Movement: Your shoulder, arms and the golf club should be like a very compact and solid unit. Keep your elbows close together as it is physically possible and try to swing smoothly.
  • Focus on the Ball: Throughout the swing your focus should always be on the ball. See the club striking the golf ball and your head should follow the golf ball.
  • Narrow Stance: Your stance should be narrow and slightly open so that you can see the target line and the hole more clearly.
  • Parallel Position: A better chipping technique is to maintain parallel position to your target and alignment of waist, knees and shoulders.
  • Firm head: Try to keep your head firm and positioned it slightly behind the ball.
  • Closer Distance with the Ball: Try to play the ball closer to your back foot which in turn will help you to make a descending hit on the ball.
  • No Flip Wrist: Do not flip your wrist in the follow through. Your hands must be in a straight line after hitting the ball.
  • Select Ball Landing Spot: The chipping shot remains 1/3 in the air and 2/3 on the ground so select a spot where the ball will land and swing accordingly.

In order to get the best results all the movement of the body must be carried out in a controlled manner. If you practice these golf chipping techniques regularly then your chipping will improve rather quickly. And a better short game will also lower your golf score.