Important Golf Putting Tips

Important Golf Putting Tips

One of the very important thing should we consider in golf is putting. Many golf games have been won and lost on the green. Golf putting is a vital skill that must be honed in every golfer’s game if they wish to progress to the next level. Most of the beginners focus more on the swing. Don’t neglect to practice putting most of all for the beginners.

It is all well and good if you have a good swing and are hitting greens but if you can’t putt you are more often than not going to be punished. If this is the case then it is crucial you spend the time to practice. This practice time will give you a new found confidence when it comes to putting.

Putting Golf Tips #1: If you are on the green or in a position where you can putt.

This is the time to start thinking about the putt. Evaluate the green and think about how your ball rolled when it landed. Watching how the ball reacted when it finished on the green will give you insight into how the ball will roll. It will give you a line. Is the green sloped? Is the green on a hillside? These factors will affect the way the ball rolls.

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Putting Golf Tips #2: Grip the putter with the correct pressure. Take your glove off to get a better feel. Your right hand should be parallel to the target line; of course if you are left handed the left hand will be parallel to the target line. The right hand or left hand (for left hander players) should have more grip pressure as this is the guide for your putter.

Putting Golf Tips #3: Always take the time to read the putt.

Too many people new to the game rush into this and then wonder why they were not successful. Study the putt thoroughly from the front, back and side. Pay careful attention from the back of the hole you can spot any cheeky breaks or snap breaks that you will need to play for Judi Online. Remember the path of the ball is determined by gravity, this means you have to putt were the ball is going to break. However the harder you hit the ball the less effect as lope will have.

Putting Golf Tips #4: Address the ball so that your eyes are directly above the ball. Get comfortable and balanced. The golf ball should be positioned towards the front heel. This encourages a putt with top spin which will roll better. If the ball is not positioned towards the front heel then you may miss-hit the putt.

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Putting Golf Tips #5:  Form a triangle with your arms and shoulders. Visualize the putting stroke as a pendulum motion. A pendulum like stroke promotes a good ball strike. What you want to do with the stroke is accelerate through the ball whilst maintaining a still head throughout. A common problem with putting is head movement.

The easiest stroke in golf is a putting stroke but one of the toughest shots to make in your mind. You have to believe you can make the putt, be positive and you will reap the results. If you have negative thoughts then it is most likely you will not make the putt. A positive frame of mind will ensure better putting believe me. Follow the above golf lessons these are sure to improve golf putting.

Don’t lose heart though, if you are struggling with golf putting. There are many golf tips and techniques that you can use to improve your game. There are lot of good golf books, videos and articles available on the internet. And this are for sure will help you improve your golf game when it comes to putting.

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