Everything About This Amazing Golf Putting Aid Tool, Putting Mirror

Everything About This Amazing Golf Putting Aid Tool, Putting Mirror

Among all the golf training aids, golf putting mirrors are very popular. Now-a-days, golf putting mirrors are available in a wide range from sports equipment shops and even online.

Merits of putting mirrors

Putting mirrors can help in improving the putting stroke and corrects the posture of the golfer. With the putting mirror, you can check that your eyes are exactly over the ball, whether your shoulders are lined up correctly, if the putter face is square and if the body movement is correct for the prefect putter stroke.

Using Golf Putting Mirror

The usual practice is to position the ball in the address position in the channel of the putting mirror. The putter face is aligned perpendicular to the line on the base and the channel.

How to Use Putting Mirrors

  • First align the putting mirror to your target.
  • Step back and align the central black line on the mirror to the target. If the target is smaller, you are likely to align it better.
  • Now position yourself on the ball.
  • Look down at the ball and ensure that your eyes are exactly at the ball and the centre line of the putting mirror. In order to achieve this stance, you may have to adjust you distance from the ball or your posture or the putting grip.
  • Now, square the putter face along the target line.
  • Also observe that when you look down at the putting mirror, you should be able to see the top of your shoulders. If you are able to see only the back shoulder, that means you are open to the target line. If the front shoulder is visible in the putting mirror, then you are closed to the target line. Thus, posture of a golfer can be improved.
  • While practicing with golf putting mirrors, try to observe how the putter head behaves. If it does not come back to the ball square with a decent stroke, then the ball would veer off from the target line.
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The biggest advantage of putting mirrors is that they help in maintaining posture. Putting motion is the rocking of arms and shoulders; hence the trick is to align them well along the target line. One can monitor shoulder action and shoulder alignment during the stroke with the help of golf putting mirrors. Moreover, one can use putting mirrors indoors as well as outdoors.

The popular brands that sell golf putting mirrors are Izzo, Dave Hicks putting Mirrors, Harold Swash putting mirrors etc. For amateur golfers, putting aids can be indeed a great help in training to putt well. People have shown tremendous improvement in their golf performance after using this training aid.

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