Golf Short Game Tips

Golf Short Game Tips

Many golfers, especially those who are new to the game try to hit the ball as hard as possible and to get the maximum carry possible. But any experience golfers will tell you that you can even get a lower score without hitting the ball too far. There are many golfers who after hitting the ball for 300 yards in a drive end up badly as they run out of green at some point of the game. In fact it is your short game that will eventually help you score low in golf. Even the professional players at the PGA tours give additional stress on their short game while practicing. Here we are presenting some effective golf short game tips that will help you to score low and win games.

The first of all the golf short game tips that site would like to share with you is about selecting the right Golf Club for playing the short game. Wedges are the most preferred golf club that is used to play shots when you have short distances to cover. In fact wedges are the best club for playing the mid to short distance shots that can vary from 25 to 75 yards. As the wedges have a higher loft angle even than the 9 Golf Iron in your golf club set, it is the natural choice for hitting the ball for short distances. As the loft angle is higher in the wedges, the ball can be easily launched in the air and for more height. The result is a perfect shot that lands at the right directions with minimum roll that is the key for any short distance shot.

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For improving short game you should hit more and more shots for a distance between 40 120 yards with your wedge. This will ensure that you will get your putt shot for less than 20 foot that gives you a chance to score a par or even a birdie. So if you want to score low and get a putt that is easier make sure you hit a lot of short distance shot within the fairway.

For getting your short game perfect, you should practice short distance shots with the golf wedges at all possible and difficult lies. It will make sure that all the shots that you will actually play during your game will seem easier to you. While practicing take shot from bare lies, buried lies, from the down of the hill and get your chip shots and flop shot correct as these are the shots that you will need to play more during the short game.

Practice a lot to get short putting and this is possibly the key of all the golf short game tips. If you can master your short putts you will naturally be more confident and relaxed while you are taking the long shots at the fairway and the green.

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So always remember that these golf short game tips from Toto 4D HK will help you to make your short game perfect as that is the key for scoring low at the golf course.

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