Improve your Golf Game with Concept Golf

Improve your Golf Game with Concept Golf

Latest concepts in golf have brought in a new set of rules in golfing. These are the principal changes in golf that are introduced into the 2012 Code. They are a refinement to previous rules of golf and add to the clarity and better experience of golfing. Go through the piece of writing below to get hold of these new concepts of golf.

Addressing the Ball

The definition of addressing the ball is amended to help the golfer address the ball just by immediately grounding the club in front of or behind the ball, despite the consequences whether he has taken his stance or not. Thus, new concepts don’t provide a golfer addressing the ball in a hazard.

The Concepts/Rules

  • Rule 1-2. Exerting Authority on Ball Movement or Varying Physical Conditions

This is a new rule after amendment and more clearly establishes that if a golfer tries to influence the ball movement or to change physical conditions that have an effect on playing of a hole in such a manner which is not allowed by the rules, this newly amended rule 1-2 is applicable just when the action is not previously sheltered in another Rule.

  • Rule 6-3a. Time of Starting

This rule went through amendment and provides that penalty to start late but within five minutes of the starting time, is lessened from ineligibility of losing the first hole either in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play. Formerly this penalty cutback could be introduced as a competition condition.

  • Rule 12-1. Seeing Ball, Searching for Ball
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This rule is reformatted for lucidity. Its amendment has allowed the golfer to look for his ball everywhere on the course when the sand covers it and to shed light on the matter that no penalty is there if the ball is moved in these conditions. This amendment has also allowed applying a penalty of one stroke under Rule 18-2a if a golfer moves his ball in a hazard while trying to find it out when the ball is believed to be roofed by slack impediments.

  • Rule 13-4. Ball in Hazard, Prohibited Actions

This rule is amended in order to allow a golfer to smooth soil or sand of a hazard any time. It includes prior to playing Sbobet Slot from that particular hazard, in case its only aim is to care for the course and the Rule 13-2 doesn’t face breaching.

  • Rule 18-2b. Ball Moving After Address

With addition of a new exception which exonerates the golfer from penalty in case his ball moves after being addressed when it is identified or virtually sure that the golfer didn’t move the ball. For instance, if after being addressed, a gust of wind moves the ball, no penalty is there. The ball can be played from its new position.

  • Rule 19-1. Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped, By Outside Agency
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The note is elaborated to recommend an assortment of effects when an outside agency stops a ball in motion or this ball is deflected intentionally.

  • Rule 20-7c. Playing from Wrong Place; Stroke Play

Amendment has been made so that if a golfer has to be penalized for playing from a wrong place, the penalty gets restricted to two strokes in a majority of cases; even if another rule goes through breaching before he made the stroke.

Latest concepts in golf have given a new definition to accuracy of golfing. It can be said without a doubt that these new golfing concepts are sure to add ease with exactness to this sport.

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