Improving Golf with Hypnosis

Improving Golf with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is often described as the subtle programming of how we perceive the world, our abilities and our values. This is an ongoing process that occurs naturally. The image we develop of our self is usually the result of what we repeatedly see and hear. We usually implant events into our subconscious mind and then start feeling them.

The way to get out of thinking and into playing the sport is having the ability to get into a flow state.  Sports person call this “getting into the zone”.  It is basically a mental state where all the thoughts disappear and the player simply plays the game.  Hypnosis is known to induce exactly that flow state.

Same thing applies in the game of golf. Golfer’s performance is affected by what he believes he is capable of. Being able to control the mind, attitude, confidence and level of relaxation, a golfer can leave profound impact on the game of golf. It is very obvious that while playing if a golfer is cheerful, relaxed and confident then the result of the shot would be much different than if he is tense, angry and doubtful about his ability to make a shot.

Using hypnosis technique golfer’s mind can be implanted with positive suggestions so that they can improve the way they approach a round of a golf course. Most golfers damage their game with self-doubt or fear that they will fail. With hypnosis, a golfer can be more calm and able to increase concentration and focus on the game.

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Tiger woods’, the greatest golfer, is an expert in getting into the zone. He also uses his mental coach to hypnotize himself to block out distractions so that he can focus on the game. Tiger wood’s said that “90% of hitting a golf ball occurs before the swing.”

With Hypnosis a golfer can

  • Maintain Focus
  • Can control all the emotions
  • Allows our self to see and experience change
  • Sets up positive expectations in mind
  • Achieve or gain confidence
  • Able to concentrate on the golf shot
  • Easy to visualize the golf shot
  • And lastly feels relaxed while playing

There are some limitations also with hypnosis like:

  • While hypnosis, golfer can’t make his arms longer.
  • It can help in swinging only if a golfer has been shown the right way.

Basically, hypnosis will help to implement what a golfer believe is the best way to play the game of golf.

The ability to focus and not to be distracted is an extremely powerful tool both on and off the course. The final outcome is that for improving the game of golf, hypnosis is the best way because it trains the brain to work differently. Hypnosis teaches focus and concentration. It allows a golfer to visualize the shot. Hypnosis blocks all the distractions that occur in the subconscious mind of a golfer and it is not at all harmful or dangerous in any way.

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