Choosing the Right Driver for You

Choosing the Right Driver for You

When playing golf it is important to have clubs that fit you. No two people are a like and no two people have the same swing. When choosing the proper driver for your game, there a few things to consider:

Club Head Size

There are generally three sizes when it comes to club heads: standard, mid-sized, and over-sized. The drivers you see professionals using on television are classified as over-sized. You won’t find many standard sized drivers built for men. Most 150cc (cubic centimeters) club heads are made for juniors. You can see a picture here. The smaller club head does provide better control, but has a small sweet spot. A mid-sized club head is around 175-225cc. A slightly bigger club than standard will provide added distance while still giving you a lighter club. Over-sized club heads (or what some of us like to call  the big dog) range from 250-500cc. These clubs are massive. They are a bit heavier and harder to control, but the large sweet spot will allow you to make contact from different parts of the club. In my opinion the over-sized club head allows more forgiveness with a bad swing. You can see a picture here.


There are two types of shafts in which drivers are made out of: steel and graphite. Most drivers made today are constructed from a graphite shaft. This reduces the overall weight of the club. Another benefit of the graphite shaft is that it is more flexible and absorbs shock. Steel on the other hand, is stronger and more durable. Steel shafts should be used for players who need extra control off the tee. In general, you will pay more for a graphite shafted club.

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The flexibility of a shaft is also important when choosing a club. Flex is the amount of bend in a club. The two main types of flex are regular and stiff. A regular shaft is recommended for beginners and players with slower swing speeds. A stiff shaft won’t have as much forgiveness but will generate more power. A stiff shaft is recommended for advanced players with a quicker swing speed.


Every driver also comes with a specific loft of the club face. The higher the loft degree, the more control you will have, but you will sacrifice distance. The Bet88 recommended loft degrees are as follows:

  • Slow swing – 10.5-12 degree loft
  • Average swing – 9.5-10.5 degree loft
  • Fast swing – 8-9.5 degree loft

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