Information On Training Tools For Golf Putting

Information On Training Tools For Golf Putting

Golf training aids are increasingly becoming popular owing to the craze about the game of golf. Markets today are flooded with putting aids and tools with golf putting tools having greater demand. All golfers understand that good putting helps them to improve their handicap and lower their scores.

Popular Golf Putting Tools

One of the most popular golf putting tools is the learning curve which is a specially designed putting tool for putting well on the curved surface. The brand that sells the most is Stan Utley’s Learning Curve which has a powder-coated putting plane rail set at 68 degrees.

“Learning Curve Golf Putting Tool”

Align the plane to the target and make a stroke with the heel of your putter riding along the plane of the rail. You will observe that your stroke forms a curve as it moves from backstroke, squaring at the impact and to the inside again during the follow-through. When you let the heel of the putter ride along the curve of this tool then you will have an idea of the correct curved stoke. Such a “learning curve” tool has other accessories such as a flat red rail that can be attached to the curved rail for practicing curved strokes and also without one for alignment.

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Other popular golf putting tools include putting packages that contain Putting Plane Alignment system, plane Rail System and even Spot-on systems. all in one. Companies offering them as a package are more economical than to purchase them separately.

Putting Plane Alignment System

Most of the putting alignment systems have adjustable rails that help a golfer practice backswings and follow through on one plane. These tools are equipped with angled rails that are often adjustable to fit any putter and even slant at 72 degrees, allow the putters to come slightly inside as it moves back and up along the stroke. One must prefer to buy a lightweight putting plane alignment tool which can easily fitted in the golf bag. Putting plane systems also have golf putting mirrors installed which help a golfer to get into a good posture with shoulders correctly lined up and eyes straight on the ball. And then one must align the target along the central line of the putting mirror. The next step would be to take the right position over the ball. The putting mirror helps you know if the shoulders are not correctly lined up. Then square the putter face to the target using the central line behind the ball as one’s reference, one must give a gentle stroke. Watch the ball gently whole in!

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Putting and Chipping Brace

Another widely used golf putting tool is the putting and chipping brace. This putting tool is available with many brands. The straps of this tool are fitted along the leading wrist and keep the forearms at a convenient distance. This brace is helpful in putting and chipping strokes. This brace helps in keeping a square putter face at impact, ensuring stability of the wrists at all times. Thus, the strokes are more accurate and consistent. The brace is designed to create the so-called “quite-hands”. The simplicity if this tool and the relative success of putting well with it have made it a popular item.

For practicing golfers, there are several putting tools and aids which can greatly improve the game of putting. What is important is consistency in practicing and of course, patient hardwork. Professional golfers swear by the fact that there is no point of purchasing these putting tools if these are not used in practice sessions! So buy these golf putting tools and enjoy using them .Watch how they improve your putting game.

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