Types of Golf Neck Injuries

Types of Golf Neck Injuries

Golfing brings pure pleasure to ardent golfers. But in its train, golfing also brings some injuries that golfers suffer from. These injuries range from pulled muscles of groin to muscle tears because of repetitive stress. One of the susceptible spots of golf injuries is the neck. It is because of movements of putting and driving when your neck is twisted and turned in certain ways that results in various neck injuries related to golf.

So, it would be wise, if you know how you can discern between types of golf neck injuries. This will be helpful in saving your days of discomfort. It can also help you to find the correct medical treatment to cure the injury. Here are some of the neck injuries that take place when you are golfing. Check them out.

Kinds of Neck Injuries in Golf

Your passion for golf can bring you some painful moments, one of them being injuries of neck. Navigate the lines that follow to know about the various types of injuries that attack your neck when you are enjoying on the golf greens:

Torn Muscle

Check to find if there is any pain or tenderness. If you find any swelling in or around the area affected, feel tender while touching the area and knots are also there, you have possibly a strained or torn muscle in your neck. Allow the affected area to rest, keep it elevated and soothe it with an ice pack (wrapped in a cloth) thrice or four times in a day for about 72 hours. Do not delay to seek medical aid, if swelling or pain persists even after 72 hours.


Muscle spasms are also known as knots. Usually, they are a result of stress and can slow down your movement. Check your neck if there are knots. If you find hardness in muscles of your neck, but there is particularly no swelling or pain, you have a spasm, which is quite easy to be addressed. To be relived, you can apply to the affected area, a heat pack, which is wrapped in a piece of cloth. Then massage the area affected firmly and gently. It helps in loosening the knot and brings back the mobility.

Pinched Nerve

Check your neck, if you find any tinglers there. Nerves when pinched can transmit shocks of painful sting throughout your spine that make you go through a feeling like that of an electric shock. By these tinglers, you can understand that there is a nerve, which is pinched in your neck between vertebras. Fortunately, this is a rare health condition that golfers face. If somehow, it attacks you, provide treatment to your neck for 24 hours to 36 hours. It should address the problem and relieve the pain. If you do not feel relieved even after 36 hours, consult a health practitioner.

So, with various types of golf neck injuries you know how to check and ascertain the type that has hit you. You can now address these injuries at your own. But just as in case with any other injury, do not overlook to consult an experience doctor if the health condition aggravates. So, be careful, take timely treatment and enjoy being on the golf greens for as long as you want.