Types Of Golf Putting Aids Available And How They Aid In Your Putting Training

Types Of Golf Putting Aids Available And How They Aid In Your Putting Training

Undoubtedly good putting helps you improve your handicap and is the fastest way to get lower scores. After all, 43% of the strokes in a good game of golf involve putting. Thus, it is always advisable to be good at this aspect of the game. Gold putting training aids help you improve your putting skills to a great extent. Before selecting putting aids, it is prudent to know what the deficiencies in your game are. The putting aid that one buys must be such that it considerably improves the putting technique and lowers the score as well.

Golf Putting Cups

Putting cups are most popular putting training aids. They are used for indoor practicing and even while one is in the office. These putting cups come with flock covered metal.

Putting Mats

Putting needs lots of practice, but often weather conditions or paucity of time may prevent an amateur golfer from practicing outdoors. Hence, practicing mats and indoor putting greens are a great help. Certain companies also have specially designed putting greens that resemble the “actual feel” of the ground.

Link Putts

Specially designed putting aids are also available in the market now-a-days that let you practice contoured putts from 1 meter to 5 meters. They are extremely convenient and allow you to practice standing on the same slope as the putt itself.

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Golf Putting Machines

Golf putting machines are again popular self-automated machines that can be used for practicing golf putting indoors. The golf ball is returned to you if your putt is accurate and is widely used by practicing golfers who wish to train themselves indoors.

Golf Putting Lab

Perhaps the best place to practice putting is the putting lab where you are given a place to practice the best kind of putting stroke. The basic putting techniques are picked up in the putting lab which has a firm putting green and a sound putter face at the address created for you. The putting lab helps you practice in all kinds of scenarios so that you become the best judge on how to putt better.


Pro-putt laser trainers are very popular putting aids because they give instant feedback on the shoulder alignment with the motion of the hands and the ball. Pro-putts help in informing the amateur golfer about the movement of the shoulders and how they can be consistent with the perfect rocking motion. Pro-putts tell you about when the square shoulder alignment was perfect and at what time the rocking motion blended with the shoulder alignment. It makes a person confident of the back-swing, follow-through and the final impact he makes with the ball.

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It may be funny to many, but a full sized mirror helps the practicing golfer to know if the position of the ball is correct, his knees are stable, hands are correctly positioned etc. thus, the reflection putt is the most convenient way to practice putting.

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